The Sandlot Slugger™ is the best device available for developing hand-eye coordination and confidence in hitters of all ages, from Little League through high school and college.The use of Wiffle® perforated plastic golf balls forces the batter to "fine-tune" their swing and, because it is portable, it can be used indoors or out all year round!

When will my order ship?

Most orders ship the following business day however you should allow 2 business days for your order to ship. Customers will be notified if for any reason their order is delayed beyond 2 business days.


What does "twice the power" mean?

"Twice the Power" means that the Sandlot Slugger pitches much faster than the competition. In fact, the medium speed on the Sandlot Slugger is faster then their highest speed! The Sandlot Slugger is the machine that you will use for years to come.

How accurate is the Sandlot Slugger™?

75% or more of the pitches will be strikes from 30ft. away. Using balls not manufactured by The Wiffle Ball, Inc., or using damp or wet balls, reduces the accuracy. The curve ball mode may not be quite as accurate. Be wary of those who claim their machine always throws a strike, even when standing closer to the machine.

What kind of balls do you use? How long will they last? Can I use the golf ball sized balls that I already have?

The Sandlot Slugger™ comes with balls manufactured by The Wiffle Ball, Inc. These are high quality balls and should last more than a year. While the machine will work with other balls, we do not recommend that you use them. Extra balls manufactured by The Wiffle Ball, Inc. are available from this website (see our products).

How fast does the pitching machine throw?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to face Eric Gagne? Set your Sandlot Slugger pitch speed to "Fast" (60 MPH), stand about 20 feet from the machine and you will get a small taste of what it is like to try to hit a 98MPH Fastball! The Sandlot Slugger has a top speed of 60MPH (measured during the first 5 feet of travel as the ball leaves the machine), but the “effective” speed is determined by the distance the batter stands from the machine, typically 30 ft. If the batter is unable to hit the pitch at this distance, use a slower pitch setting rather than moving further away from the pitching machine.


How far do the Wiffle balls travel after being hit?

It depends on the level of the hitter, but a few hitters can hit 100 feet on a calm day using a real bat. Most people will hit 50 – 75 feet.

Is this machine advanced enough for a college-level player?

Yes! When using the high-speed setting and standing 20 feet from the machine, most hitters can't even get the bat off their shoulder before the ball is past them! At this distance, it is like trying to hit an Eric Gagne fastball (90-100 MPH)! Now, try the curveball! The Sandlot Slugger™ Pitching machine throws both right and left handed curveballs!


Is the Pitching Machine too advanced for Little League or Softball players?

No! Just select the Soft-Toss or low setting, lean the unit further back, stand about 25 feet away, and start hitting! With the machine set like this, the pitch will have a nice arch in it, giving the hitter plenty of time to see the ball as it approaches the plate. Perfect for the little guys and girls (ages 8 and up) as well as adult softball players.


How do I recharge the battery? How long does it take?
Can I over-charge it?


Simply plug the Sandlot Slugger™ Pitching Machine into the wall and it will recharge itself. It takes about 2 hours for each hour of use. The Sandlot Slugger™ charger has internal circuitry to prevent the charger from overcharging or damaging the battery.

What type of battery do you use? How long will the batteries last? Can I use the machine while it is charging?

The Sandlot Slugger™ uses a 6 volt, 4 amp hour SLA battery (4-hour version) or a 6 volt, 8 amp hour SLA battery (7-hour version). If properly cared for, the batteries in the Sandlot Slugger™ should last more than 2 years. It is best to charge the machine whenever power is available, even while in use.